Best polytechnic Colleges in Bangalore MVJ-Polytechnic

Arts and Culture

Create New Avenues for Friendship and Learning

At MVJ Polytechnic, your education goes well beyond your regular coursework. Extracurricular activities are a vital part of your experience here, and we’re eager for you to develop new talents and explore new passions. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to discover your interests, starting from department events, fests and intercollegiate competitions. Experiences in music, dance, theatre, literary skills, fine arts and more can help improve your creativity, interpersonal skills and expression.

The campus is culturally diverse, and this is your opportunity to sensitize yourself towards people from different backgrounds and experiences. Since tolerance starts at home, we believe it’s our responsibility to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. MVJ has various cultural clubs that you can be a part of. Based on your interest and dedication, we also arrange for various workshops that help nurture your talents.

The ability to juggle multiple responsibilities is one of the key skills recruiters look for while hiring. Whatever you choose to pursue, note that your commitment level is entirely up to you. However,we urge you to keep in mind that these activities ought to complement your studies; it should not replace or side-line your course.

Best polytechnic Colleges in Bangalore MVJ-Polytechnic

Sports and Fitness

Pursue Excellence in all Areas of Life

At MVJ, we believe that health and healthy competition is paramount to the holistic well-being of our students. Sports and fitness is an integral part of your life at MVJ. We encourage organized sport activities that promote participation and socialization between groups and individuals, enhance physical fitness, and foster a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

The MVJ campus has a full-fledged outdoor sports arena and an indoor gymnasium. We have an in-campus football field, basketball and volleyball courts, and cricket ground. In addition, the campus also has indoor sports facilities for badminton, table tennis, weight training, chess, and carom.
You’re free to make the most of the facilities – the sports center is open from 6am-8pm. We offer a variety of recreational, competitive, and instructional sports activities. Yoga and fitness classes are conducted regularly by experts, which is open to the entire student and faculty community.

MVJ is very proud of its athletics and sports champions. The college teams are carefully selected each year to represent the college in various intercollegiate, state, and national level tournaments.

For more information, please visit the sports center.


Health, Safety and Security

Your Safety is our Priority

MVJ Polytechnic wants you to feel safe and secure on-campus, and we go to great lengths to make that happen. Our security department comprises of a large team of professionally-trained personnel patrolling and guarding the campus 24X7 to ensure safety of students, staff, and infrastructure. CCTV cameras installed all around the campus help them monitor activities around the college. We have a strict safety discipline code that everyone on campus is expected to follow. All students, faculty, and staff are required to have ID cards at all times.

MVJ campus is proud to be an alcohol-free, drug-free, tobacco-free, violence-free, and ragging-free zone. A dedicated medical support team oversees the health of everyone on campus. All students and faculty are covered under the group insurance scheme, which covers personal accident costs and medical expenses extensions.

Our definition of health also encompasses mental and emotional well-being. We conduct regular stress management programmes to support you. Our on-campus counselor is always available for individual counselling and group sessions to help combat exam stress.

You too can help us make the campus safe. If you spot any suspicious activity or feel troubled by any event, please let us know immediately.


Knowledge Sharing

The World is your Classroom

What good’s an education if you’re unable to apply what you’ve studied to solving real world problems, right? At MVJ, education does not end at the textbook. We provide plenty of opportunities for you to interact with industry veterans and subject matter experts to strengthen your technical foundation.

MVJ Polytechnic regularly organises a number of technical and non-technical programmes for students of all semesters. These programmes are designed to improve your understanding of current industry trends and practices. Department-specific workshops, seminars, and talks are organised to help you hone your skills and learn new softwares and tools required for a successful career in your chosen discipline.

MVJ campus also houses technical clubs, which are developing innovative solutions to address some of the growing challenges in the city and the country. Based on your interests, you’re encouraged to apply to any of the knowledge enhancement programmes and be part of the change. While we provide unlimited opportunities, it is up to you to make the most of these experiences. Do keep in mind that these programmes require long-term dedication and commitment – and so will your Diploma course.

For more information, please get in touch with your Heads of Department and the Training Cell.

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Lead the Way for Your Peers

At MVJ Polytechnic, we believe that learning is all about the opportunities. Which is why we support numerous academic clubs that promote cooperation and coordination among students, faculty and industry professionals working in diverse areas of study. These clubs serve as a forum for you to meet students with similar academic interests, and explore new technology with your faculty and industry experts.

The academic clubs provide a platform to study almost anything, and in any way you want —from small group discussions and large lectures to real-world experiences in your field. The activities are decided at the beginning of every semester – and you have a say in it. An elected student representative and faculty representative plan the events based on your interests and current industry trends.

There’s more to these clubs than meet the eye. Each event has the potential to alter your perspective or give you a new purpose. They may even take you down a career path you never expected. In addition to providing professional development opportunities, they also hone your leadership and organisation skills. Some of the events also give you opportunities to interact with your alumni.

For more information, do contact your respective Heads of Department and student representative.

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