Why Study Electronics And Communication Engineering

Why Study Electronics And Communication Engineering?

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering is concerned with the design, development, manufacture and application of electronic devices, circuits and systems.
  • This branch of Engineering has become the certain winner of the digital world. With the new technological advancements every day.
  • It is one of the most popular engineering branches, among the Indian engineering aspirants.
  • Electronics is now part of our everyday life, from the mobile phones to televisions, computers and even the high-end advanced satellites that are helping us to lead a smooth life.
  • Even electronics and communication engineering is the major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution.
  • This branch has also penetrated into other areas like healthcare, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc.

A Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering prepares you for a lifelong learning experience in the ever-advancing field of technology.

What To Expect From Diploma In Electronics And Communication Engineering

What To Expect From Diploma In Electronics And Communication Engineering

  • Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering is a three year full-time programme.
  • The course comprises of a number of theoretical as well as laboratory subjects evenly distributed across six semesters.
  • All the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers.
  • Design and maintain satellites, which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions.
  • ECE Engineers also creates advanced communication facilities like video conferencing which bring people together from all over the world.
  • Develops programs for various control and communication systems.
  • The opportunities are galore for electronics and communication engineers as they are employed in variety of sectors such as Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Aviation, Development Centres in various States, Defence, NPL, A.I.R, Posts and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, Software Engineering/IT, Power sector, Hardware Manufacturing, and Research & Development.

 MVJ Polytechnic offers world-class learning opportunities for students who wish to advance their careers in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering with the Diploma programme.

Diploma In Electronics
And Communication Engineering In MVJ

Diploma In Electronics And Communication Engineering In MVJ

  • The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, established in the year 1986, Since its inception, the intake of students for the Diploma program has steadily grown from 30 to 60.
  • A strong foundation in mathematics and physics, in addition to analytical skills is a pre-requisite for a Diploma and a promising career in ECE.
  • During the course of the Diploma, one studies a variety of fundamental subjects such as Analog Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics, Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Semiconductor Devices, C Programming, Microcontrollers and Applications, PCB Simulation, Advanced Communication, Advanced Microprocessors, and Industrial Automation.
  • With this knowledge, you will be able to get suitable jobs in numerous private organizations, and also secure seats in reputed technical colleges in India. MVJ Polytechnic College provides the ideal learning platform for this endeavour.
  • The Staff comprises of proficient lecturers with post graduate degrees some of whom are also pursuing research.
  • We ensure there is support for students who wishes to develop skills in specialised areas.
  • We have maintained state-of-the-art laboratories for Communication, Microcontroller, ARM Controllers, PC Hardware, C Programming, Power Electronics and Industrial automation, etc.
  • We are proud to state that students who have graduated from MVJ Polytechnic College are now placed in reputed organizations across the country. Some of them have qualified for Indian Engineering and Defence Services.
  • Many have chosen higher education in reputed technical colleges and universities in the country.



Samkhya the technical club, caters to students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

Samkhya strives to encourage students to explore advanced technologies and techniques in the field of energy and electronics.

Through interaction with experts, students will be able to enhance their skills, knowledge and develop valuable contacts.

Activities are conducted twice or thrice in a Semester.

At the end of each activity talented students are awarded with certification and prizes.


State-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories

Highly qualified lecturers with wide experience from industry & institute

Strong extra & co-curricular activities for students

Well-equipped library with high-end computing facility

Placement to all eligible students in well-known industries

Expert lectures by industry personnel

Personality development programmes (specially designed for Third-year students)

Industrial visit for practical exposure

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