Why Study
Civil Engineering

Why Study Civil Engineering?

  • Civil engineers create, improve and protect the environment in which we live.
  • This field of engineering deals with plan, design, and oversee construction and infrastructure.
  • There are numerous “Positive aspects to a job”. They are designated as “Junior Engineer”.
  • Because of wide range of Civil Engineering field, there are number of specialized areas where one can focus based on personal interest.
  • There are opportunities for civil engineering, which involves planning of
    • Natural calamity resistant structures.
    • Green and ecologically sustainable structures.
    • Structurally light yet sturdy buildings.
    • Townships with least disruption to natural ecology.
    • Economic buildings for low income groups.
  • “The best creator next to GOD is CIVIL ENGINEER”.

A Diploma in Civil Engineering prepares you for a lifelong learning experience in the ever-advancing field of technology.

What To Expect From Diploma In Civil Engineering

What To Expect From Diploma In Civil Engineering

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering is a three year full-time programme. The course comprises of a number of theoretical as well as laboratory subjects evenly distributed across six semesters.
  • A student becomes more flexible with typical understanding of basic principles of Science, Mathematics and designs and drawings.
  • The Diploma programme trains you in fundamental subjects of Civil Engineering such as Surveying, Engineering drawing, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials, and Construction technology.
  • This is followed by intensive subjects like Material testing, Hydraulics, Estimation and Costing, Structural design, Township and Planning, and Transportation Engineering.
  • The diploma will be a combination of theoretical learning with practical application of theory learnt during the programme.
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools.

If you are interested in the above subjects MVJ Polytechnic offers world-class learning opportunities for students who wish to advance their careers in the field of Civil Engineering with the Diploma programme.

Diploma In Civil
Engineering In MVJ

Diploma In Civil Engineering In MVJ

  • The Department of Civil Engineering at MVJ Polytechnic College, established in the year 1986, strives to impart state-of-the-art education and training in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Our student intake for the Diploma program has steadily increased from 60 to 120 over the years.
  • We are wellstaffed, who strive to impart better knowledge to the students and guide them in their future endeavours.
  • We have a supportive environment that ensures a smooth transition.
  • We have well integratedstate-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Industry visits and seminars conducted regularly
  • Opportunities to explore all the fields of their interest.
  • Other than curriculum, given space for exploring talents in sports, cultural and non technical events.
  • MVJ Polytechnic College students have been placed in required private and government organisations
  • Students from MVJ have also gained admission to pursue higher education in colleges and universities in the country and abroad.



The Colossus is a technical club of the department of Civil Engineering.

As part of enhancing students’ creative abilities technically Colossus was established.

The main objective is to ignite the problem solving and task management skills of the students through some technical activities.

Through activities we are encouraging the students innovative power by model making.

Colossus has been conducting two activities per semester.

At the end of each activity talented students are awarded with certification and prizes.  


State-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories

Highly qualified lecturers with wide experience from industry & institute

Strong extra & co-curricular activities for students

Well-equipped library with high-end computing facility

Placement to all eligible students in well-known industries

Expert lectures by industry personnel

Personality development programmes (specially designed for Third-year students)

Industrial visit for practical exposure

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