The founder of MVJ Group of Institutions, Dr. M V Jayaraman, was a scholar and a musician. Above all, he was an educationist with a vision to bring about tremendous transformation in the field of education. With a dream to deliver value and excellence across all disciplines, he founded the Venkatesha Education Society in 1970. An education society that first began as a teacher training college, is now a Group of Institutions that impart a range of skills and knowledge in Engineering, Medicine, Management, Teacher Training, Nursing, Primary and Secondary Education. Staying true to the vision of its founder, the MVJ Group of Institutions continues to provide holistic education and professional development support.


MVJ Polytechnic is managed by a Board of Governors, which is actively involved in the assessment and development of the college. The Board constitutes of members with vast experience in the fields of academics, research, administration, and governance. It convenes regularly to help design and implement a system that bridges the gap between education and industry requirements.  Based on interactions with industry experts, faculty, students, and corporate, the Board identifies areas for improvement and suitably ensures the overall excellence of the campus with assistance from faculty and administrators.

1 Shri M.J. Balachandar Chairman Educationaist
2 Prof. K Thyagarajan Chairman for GC Director-R & D
3 Mr. Varun Melanta Member Director
4 Mrs. M. Brindha Member Adviser
5 Shri H.U. Talawar Member Director-DTE
6 Shri Ramesh. U Member RO/Director
7 Mrs. T.M. Suma Member HOD (EEE Dept.)
8 Shri Satish Kumar Member Technical Consultant
9 Shri K.S. Vijay Kumar Member Director
10 Reshma Anil Kumar Member HOD (CSE Dept.)
11 Arun Kumar. N Member HOD (EEE Dept.)
12 Shri Vikas.M.N Member Secretary principal

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