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Why Study Computer
Science Engineering

Why Study Computer Science Engineering?

Computing and related sciences have permeated into everyday lives to such a great extent that we can no longer imagine going about our day without it. Whether it is a simple act of staying in touch with friends through social media, or checking the weather forecast, we are tapping into Computer Science Engineering. Today, computational science has evolved to solving a varied range of needs and challenges, from intuitive recommendation engine to drug analysis.

Computer Science Engineering is so diverse and dynamic that you can choose among varied career paths in both hardware engineering and software engineering. From Robotics and embedded systems, to wireless networks and aircraft communication system design, there is a specialisation for every interest. There are innumerable opportunities for professionals in start-ups, consulting firms, semiconductor companies, research laboratories, financial companies, and major enterprises in information technology.

Computer science engineers apply their extensive knowledge of hardware design and software programming to develop platforms and applications in fields of digital technology, networking and computer systems. There is tremendous scope for professionals, who are able to improve the efficiency and effectivenessof hardware and software systems, and enhance capabilities of networks and communications systems. The industry is focused on innovations that can

  • Make computing systems safer, faster and more powerful
  • Develop scalable cloud service architecture and related performance tools
  • Create robust operating systems and artificial intelligence
  • Enhance gaming engines and graphic libraries
  • Evolve parallel computing capabilities

If you have exceptional analytical skills, and you enjoy figuring out puzzles and programming, you’d fare well in this field. A Diploma in MVJ Polytechnic College prepares for a lifelong learning experience in the ever-advancing technology field.

What To Expect From Diploma In Computer Science Engineering

What To Expect From Diploma In Computer Science Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering is a three year full-time programme. The course comprises of a number of theoretical as well as laboratory subjects evenly distributed across six semesters. Students are also expected to take up and complete a full-fledged project in their final semester. To be awarded the Diploma, a minimum average of 35% is to be maintained across all semesters.

A Diploma in Computer Science Engineering provides a broad and deep introduction to the theory, design, development, and application of computer systems, with a prominence to software systems. The programme prepares you to apply computational thinking to resolve challenges in numerous fields and industries. It requires a strong foundation in mathematics. You will also be encouraged to hone your analytical skills, which will help in cementing your foundation for algorithmic computing.

Over the course of three years, you will be exposed to a number of fundamental subjects of Computer Science including Mathematics, Applied Science, Digital Theory, C Programming, Multimedia, Data communication, and Computer Networks. This is followed by specialised theoretical and practical subjects such as Advanced Microprocessors, Data Structures, Computer Hardware, System Software, DBMS, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Visual Basic, Web Technology, Mobile Computing and Network Security.

MVJ Polytechnic offers world-class learning opportunities for professionals and students who wish to advance their careers and education in the field of Computer Science Engineering with the Diploma programme.

Diploma In Civil
Engineering In MVJ

Diploma In Computer Science Engineering In MVJ

The Department of Computer Science Engineering in MVJ Polytechnic College was established in year 1985 with the intake of 60 students. We enable students to tackle challenging problems that can have long-term real-world impact by developing fundamental knowledge and nurturing collaboration between disciplines.

At the department of CSE, we provide an excellent teaching and learning environment for the students. We provide you with the opportunity to explore algorithms, systems design, and applications beyond the set course requirements. You are free to take up independent work, and seek support whenever needed. We have also partnered with the Department of Science to assist us in strengthening your foundation in mathematics and basic science; and Department of Humanities to polish your professional communication skills.

In addition to the regular curriculum, there are several class activities, industrial visit, personal development programs and extracurricular activities you can take up to hone your skills. The staff is comprised of passionate, well-experienced lecturers who strive to impart quality education to all. Students graduating from MVJ Polytechnic are now placed in reputed companies in India and abroad. Many of them have also secured admissions in some of the reputed colleges and universities in the country.


As the dynamic academic club of Department of Computer Science Engineering, Tech Crews encourages students of CSE to participate in technical activities that motivates them to absorb the technologies. The club regularly organises code developing and debugging seminars, workshops and competitions in various programming languages based on student interests and current industry trends. These events strive to enhance their knowledge and provide a platform to showcase their talent. The club indirectly hones their team-building, communication and leadership skills.


State-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories

Highly qualified lecturers with wide experience from industry & institute

Strong extra & co-curricular activities for students

Well-equipped library with high-end computing facility

Placement to all eligible students in well-known industries

Expert lectures by industry personnel

Personality development programmes (specially designed for Third-year students)

Industrial visit for practical exposure

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